Aim of EchoVista GmbH is creating a product to clean liquid precipitation from the surface of glass plates using ultrasound waves. Developing an ultrasound clearing system requires a high-level understanding on several different disciplines such as physics of ultrasound, electronics, mechanics and materials.

Controlled cleaning of liquid substances and compounds



Cold Vaporization




What makes EchoVista unique

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Surface cleaning technology by ultrasonic

Ultrasonic surface cleaning offers a revolutionary new technology for a wide range of applications, especially on glass:

De-icing of surfaces

The performance is controlled according to the application and can even be used on curved surfaces.

Areas of application

Possible uses:

  • Autonomous driving, autonomous flying
  • Image processing, sensor technology (optical)
  • Image processing, sensor technology (optical)
  • Mechanical engineering and tooling
  • Solar cells
  • Outdoor security systems
  • Medical technology
  • Automation, robotics

Advantages over conventional systems

  • No mechanically moving parts, therefore free of wear and tear
  • Maintenance-free:
    less maintenance work, lower costs
  • Clear view despite splashing water,
    soiling and ice

Removal of liquids, emulsions and dirt

Controllable movement of liquids