EchoVista GmbH, founded as EchoVista Systems Ltd in late 2011 and purchased by HEMA Maschinen- und Apparateschutz GmbH in October 2015, has investigated methods of propelling liquid precipitation from glass substrates using ultrasound. 

Aim of the R&D company, EchoVista GmbH, is creating effective products to clean liquid precipitation from the surface of glass plates such as windows by providing innovative technology alternatives using ultrasound.

EchoVista GmbH, pioneering the development of ultrasound systems, is currently in the process of developing working prototypes and products to clear liquids from the surface of windows using their patented ultrasound technology.

Developing an ultrasound surface cleaning system requires high level understanding on several different physics such as ultrasound, electronics, fluid-mechanics and materials. 

Ultrasound Surface Cleaning Technology


Ultrasound surface cleaning offers a revolutionary new technology suitable for a wide range of technical applications.

Due to the controlled power based on applications, surface can be cleaned with minimized use of liquid. This new technology can be used on curved surfaces. This technology is vandal proof.

Advantages over conventional systems

  • An aesthetic cleaning solution
  • Less expenses for maintainance
  • Surface coating friendly solution

EchoVista GmbH
Ultrasound Surface Cleaning Technology